Igor Fedyaev
K2 Adventures Managing Director.
Born 1963, mountain trekking & mountaineering of 6 CC (member)
WEBmaster of this site and the topic of "Mountain Trekking & Mountaineering", photos & articles (IF). Expeditions & treks' organizer, trekking guide, expedition leader.
Tel./fax +7-(3812)-693075
ICQ : 48585554

Ivan Scherbakov.
Born 1960
. Co-WEBmaster of this site and the topics "Trekking" and "Ski Touring". Authors of photos and articles (IS). Leader of the treks of IV CC in Altai region. Member of skiing treks in Kamchatka, E. Sayan, Altai.

Alexandr Ruchkin.
Born 1963 in Kazakhstan. He started to go in for climbing since 1985. More than 200 Big Wall climbings (including about 60 of highest grade of difficulty which made out in pair or solo) in Tien Shan, Pamir Alai, Alps, Norway, Karakoram both on summer and winter. Since 1991 he was included in the list of Top 10 Russian Climbers. 5 times Champion of Russia and USSR on climbing. He has a title of "Master of Sport of International Class". Authors of photos and articles (AR), editor of the topic "Big Wall Climbing". Climbing guide.

Georgy Regetsiy.
"Master of Sport" on outdoors, "Candidate of Master of Sport" on heavy athletics. Leader of mountaineering expeditions on all of above 7,000 m ex-USSR peaks and pass-hopping treks of highest grade of difficulty. Unofficial "Snow Leopard" title. Author of photos (GR) in the "Mountaineering and Pass Hopping", "White Water Rafting" topics. Expedition and treks organizer and leader, trekking and climbing' guide.

Sergey Kolotilo AKA
Sergey Kolotilo.
Born 1971. He started to go into trekking and pass hopping since 1984, climbing since 1988. Climbings: Muztag Ata (Pamir, China, 7546 m, 1996), Khan Tengri (Central Tien Shan, 7010 m, 1999), 1st winter ascent on Karatash peak, Center of North Face, 6A (Altai, North Chuya Range, Aktru area, 2002). Candidate of Master of Sport (Climbing). Author of photos and climbing's reports ("Mountaineering and Pass Hopping"). Trekking and climbing guide (high-altitude and technical classes).

Dmitry Savinov.
Born 1966. Climbing and trekking guide, porter. Author of many photos and the chapters "Pamir Alai", "Fergana and Baubash Ata Ridges" - very interesting and rare visited areas of Central Asia. He made a lot of treks, pass hoppings and climbing routes in these areas, Altai and Sayan in Siberia, Russia.
Dmitry Savinov


We are sincerely grateful to all people, whose kind cooperation made this site be possible to create: Dmitriy Savinov, Anvar Shangarayev, Sergey Kolotilo, Valery Makarenko, Sergey Dishlevskiy, Marat Hairullin, Sergey Rumiantsev, Mickhail Naletov, Vadim Svatkov, Andrey Prokhorov (AP), Igor Khanin (Karakol, Kyrghyzstan), "Ecosystem" company from Ust-Kamenogorsk and many others.