Central and Eastern Caucasus
(south side). Georgia.

Selected fotogallery

Photos: courtesy of Levan Palavandishvily, Chief of "Agrotourism Association of Georgia" & Beso Tsitelashvily.

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Georgia. Caucasus. Kazbek (Kazbegi) mountain.
Georgia. Caucasus. Kazbegi area.
Georgia. Caucasus. Trialety range.
Georgia. Central Caucasus. Svanetia. Ushba mountain.
Georgia. Bakhmaro mountain.
Kazbegi (Kazbek) mountain (5033 m, Central/East Caucasus, Main Caucasus Range) - popular goal for climbing with few simple routes. Summer view.
Mountain in the Kazbegi area.
On the way to Bakuriani (Trialety range, to the S-E from Borzhomi).
Central Caucasus. Svanetia. Ushba mountain (4700 m) on the background - popular goal for experienced climbers (up to 5B UIAA).
Above the clouds... Sunset on the Bakhmaro mount, Guria (Mesheti Range).
Georgia. Mountain gorge. Racha.
Georgia. Central Caucasus. Crater lake.
Georgia. Black Sea.
Georgia. Racha-Imereti. Cave.
Georgia. Racha-Imereti. Cave.
Fantastic gorge! All-in-one: rocks, lakes, waterfall, cave! Racha area, near Shoori reservior.
Kelis Tba Lake ("Crater Lake") - the name tells about it's origin. Main Caucasus Range.
Sunset on the Black Sea.
Caves in Racha-Imereti area (near the cities of Oni, Ambrolauri) are the real paradise for speleotourists!
C. Caucasus fotogallery