Central and Eastern Caucasus
(south side). Georgia.

Selected fotogallery

Photos: courtesy of Levan Palavandishvily, Chief of "Agrotourism Association of Georgia" & Beso Tsitelashvily.

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Georgia. Imereti. Cave.
Georgia. Imereti. Cave.
Georgia. Kutaisi. Sataplia cave.
Georgia. Falcon.
Georgia. Eagle.
Stalactits. Tskhaltubo-Imereti area.
It may be named as "Kamasutra Hall" ;-)
Sataplia cave. Kutaisi.
Even the birds of prey are obedient to the real master... The falcon.
Eagle - the Lord of the Sky...
Georgia. Batterfly.
Georgia. Caucasian mountain goats.
Georgia. Caucasian deer.
Georgia. Kazbegi village.
Georgia. Kazbegi village.
Butterfly- the flying masterpice...
The mountain goats are good rock climbers. Lagodekhi, Kaheti.
The deer.
Kazbegi village.
Kazbegi village. View from your window in guesthouse...
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