1. "K2 Extreme Mountain Outdoors" site's personnel, "K2 Adventures" travel agency' staff, including owners, editorial board, technical staff and any other peoples (further referred to as "we") who are concerned with any personal data (including e-mail adresses, mail adresses, etc.) received from site's visitors by any way (either electronically or by fax, mail service, telephone, etc.) and by any mean, keep the obligation do not transfer this data to any other 3d party by any mean whatsoever, except written permission given from this data's owner.
  2. Personal data which is concerned with the ordering of the goods or services offering by us (e.g., outdoor tours, outdoor equipments, guide service, etc.) can be transferred only to personnel or 3d parties who is directly involved in such a deal (e.g., hotel's managerial staff or airline booking staff) and only in the part which is necessary for given business.
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