Pobeda peak (7438 m) expedition-98
Fotogallery with comments

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There are nice views from the near-top slopes of Khan Tengri to the summits around upper part of S. Inilchek gl. Central Tien Shan. View from the upper slopes of Khan Tengri.
There are also good view on the spurs of Kokshaal-Too range to the East from Pobeda peak (the far right summit) seen from the same slope. Central Tien Shan. View to the Pobeda peak from the upper slopes of Khan Tengri.
Getting start ascend to the Pobeda peak by the W. ridge is on the same way as climbing the N. Dikiy pass on the acclimatization route - walking on the Zvezdochka gl. Central Tien Shan. On the Zvezdochka gl.
Close to the Dikiy icefall the glacial camp was established in order to have the whole next day for climbing the icefall. There is nice view to the North Face of Pobeda peak from there. Central Tien Shan. The North face of the Pobeda peak.
The first sunrise rays are painting the Pobeda summit in different shades of the pink color... Central Tien Shan. The sunrise on the summit of the Pobeda peak.
This is Chon Teren pass - the start point for more rarely used Pobeda climbing route from the East - well seen from the glacial camp site. Central Tien Shan. The Chon-Teren pass.
The key obstacle on the way to the col of Dikiy pass (5500 m, 3B CD) is the 1st step of the icefall. Central Tien Shan. Dikiy icefall.
The usual way to climb up this step is using fixed rope. Central Tien Shan. Climbing up the Dikiy icefall.
Take a side look at the climbing the icefall... Central Tien Shan. Climbing the Dikiy icefall.
The upper part of the icefall (up to the col) doesn't consist any technical difficulties. Central Tien Shan. The upper part of Dikiy Icefall.
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