Pobeda peak (7438 m) expedition-98
Fotogallery with comments

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Directly after the Obelisk (left), which is located on the sufficient descend of the ridge, the quite steep pre-summit ridge getting started... Central Tien Shan. The Obelisk rock.
The way to the summit seems to be endless... Central Tien Shan. Route to the Pobeda's summit.
...but it is here!!! The job is done! Congratulations! Central Tien Shan. The summit of the Pobeda Peak.
This is so strong wind on the summit, that to take an photo one must make few steps down. So, there are the winners: Alexander Markeev (left), Georgy Regetsiy (leader, right),... Central Tien Shan. On the summit of Pobeda peak.
...Igor Sasov (left) and again Alexander Markeev (right). Central Tien Shan. On the summit of Pobeda peak.
At the very beginning of the descend... Central Tien Shan. The descend from Pobeda peak.
...the meeting with the mountaineer from Novosibirsk took place. Good luck! Central Tien Shan. The descend from Pobeda peak.
The sunset was close to be over, the temperature was falling down with the wind got stronger - the dangerous situation was coming... Nevertheless, mountaineers who became getting out of forces, reached the Camp-7000 place in time to be survived... Central Tien Shan. The descend from Pobeda peak.
The misfortune as usual was happened when nobody expected it... On the descend from Vaja Pshavela while getting out the fixed rope to the quite flat area the Moscovite Alexey Vasenkov suddenly fell to the Dikiy Gl. side... The probably cause was the backbone's damage he got on Spring while paraglyding... All the rescue attempts made by Georgy Regetsiy by descending to the fall's site (see photo), and the further attempts made by the helicopter from Dikiy Gl. side, got no effect. We guess that Alexey was buried with the avalanche which was initiated by his fall... Central Tien Shan. The tragedy's site.
The other expedition member - Victor Dubovik - got some footfingers frozebeaten. The acting doctor - Vladimir Bondarev - make the necessary trental injection... Central Tien Shan. Frozebeated legs.
The rescue operation with using helicopter was unavailable without the kind attention of Kazbek Valiyev (worn with blue down parka on the photo) - the notorious Kazakhstan mountaineer, member of the 1st USSR Everest expedition. Now he is running most developed mountaineering center on Central Tien Shan, which is equipped with powerful MI-8MTV helicopters and forehead base in Karkara, where this photo was taken. Central Tien Shan. Kazbek Valiyev.
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