Terskey Alatau range
The pass hopping trek of 5 CC, Aug., 1995

The photos by George Regetsiy (leader of the trek, Omsk city, Russia)
Comments: Igor Fedyaev

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The approaches to the passes and mountains of Terskey Alatau range get the beginning at the beautiful valleys deeply forested with the relict Tien Shan firs, which are becoming rare in the other parts of Tien Shan due to deforestation process. The are many springs and small streams in Terskey Alatau, so you have cross over them some time a day.
Crossing the stream by the stones...
Terskey Alatau
...and by the beam. Terskey Alatau
On the far approaches to SOAN ( Sibirskoye Otdeleniye Akademii Nauk - Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences) pass. The forest border is seen on altitude of about 3,000 m Terskey Alatau. To the SOAN pass.
Arashan gorge. Terskey Alatau. Arashan gorge
Approach to SOAN pass from the East. Terskey Alatau. Near SOAN pass
Bivouac on the lake's bank on the approach to SOAN pass. Terskey Alatau. Lake near SOAN pass
On the col of SOAN pass (4000 m, 2A CD, connects r. Baitor [r. Jetiogiz basin] to r. Ailama [r. Chon-Kizilsuu basin]). Terskey Alatau. SOAN pass
The pastoral landscape on the far approaches to Archator pass (1A CD, 3700 m, connects r. Asantukum [r. Jetiogiz basin] to r. Archator [r. Chon-Kizilsuu basin]). Terskey Alatau. To Archator pass
Small  waterfall on the approaches to Jetiogis pass. Terskey Alatau. To Jetiogiz pass
On the Jetoguz col (2B CD, 4300 m, connects Karakol gl. [r. Ontor basin] to Ailanish gl. [r. Jetioguz basin]). The Karakolsky peak is visible on the background. Terskey Alatau. On the Jetiogiz pass
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