Terskey Ala Too range

All The Hot Springs trekking

The upper part of the gorge is pleasant alpine meadow which practicaly is not used as pasture. Fast descent leads to the untouched fir forest where you can meet even bears! Note: to choose right trail, keep the left bank of the stream, then cross it at lower part.
At the junction of the small right stream and Chon Kizil Suu river there are 2 hot springs, which environment is currently (Aug., 2001) under construction, so the conditions are very basic. There is hotter spring (about 40 °C) in the stone building and colder one (33 °C) in the barrack in front of the hut. There is small farm (in fact, single yurt) above the spring where you can buy some non (local bread), kumis (local beverage made from mare's milk) and ayran (kind of sour cream).
After having some rest at the springs, you can proceed up along the valley through amazing fir forests.
After reaching the former meteorological station (now farm), cross the river and proceed to the right-side (orographically) gorge.
After you reach the wide midow, keep left where the trail goes gentle up to moraine bank.
The trail leads to the wide alpine pastures at the upper part of the gorge. The Archa-Tor pass col is clearly seen. The pass slope is covered with the small scree.
You can find beautiful edelweisses on the alpine meadow at the foothill of the pass.
The reverse side of the pass is steeper and the descent leads on the left side of a small glacier.
The opposite gorge is using as a alpine pasture for horses,...
... and you can meet with local vechicles out there...
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