Terskey Ala Too range

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While descending from the Archa Tor pass, you can see the Jety-Oguz wall (5181 m) and Karakol peak (5218 m) at the upper part of Jety-Oguz river valley.
Meeting with the local shepheards would be interesting cultural experience. Kumis is also worth to try...
After some descending along the Jety- Oguz river, you reach the small farm (2-3 yurts) on the junction with the right-side tributary. Then, proceed right...
...and trekking up to Telety pass.
The Telety pass is not easy to find - look at the left side (not orographically!), it is sharp turn left to the pass.
After descent from the Telety pass, you will reach the site of upper Ala Too mountaineering camp. Go a bit down and reach the site of lower camp (at the bottom of the right foto), where you can meet the forest patrool and rescue post (they can tell you up-to-date info concerning the area and even about present events in Inilchek BC - 'cause it is 35 MHz radio network covering the entire area!). Cross the river a bit down the camp and proceed up to the "Orphan's Asilum".
The trail leads through untouched forest. Interesting detail: there is no visible stream at the lower part of the gorge - it is flowing inside the talus.
After climb up some moraine banks you reach the so-called "Orphan's Asilum" - beautiful site for camping. Near the site the stream makes the small lake where it desappears in the talus.
There is small hut at the site and a number of wooden figures around.
The trail leads steepy up along the stream which actually is continuous waterfall.
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