lake Karsu, 
Baubash-Ata pass

Tien Shan fir, 
June, 1996

lake Kutman-Kol in the distr. Baubash-Ata

canyon of the river Chon-Kerey,
July, 1996

Kerey pass, 3540 m, 1A CD

Baubash-Ata pass panorama from its eastern side

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Northern-western part of Fergana ridge.
Baubash-Ata Ridge.

        Baubash-Ata Ridge is in the northwestern part of Fergana Ridge. Despite of the not long territory (about 30 km), it concentrated a huge "bouquet" worth attention and admiration  natural masterpieces.
        It is irrefutable, the leaders are two the most picturesque waterfalls told in legends and making use of great popularity among tourists.
        Well-going paths are made to waterfalls.
        The Great Arslanbobsky waterfall which is 6 km from Arslanbap aul (a village in the Caucasus and Central Asia), is falling from 80-metres height among rocks hidden in spots of bright vegetation.
    In the beginning of 80ths years there was even made a series of badges with its symbolic. The Maly waterfall, height 30 m, hidden in a deep vegetation of trees and bushes is not less interesting. The crack of Maly waterfall is turned to the sun. The rainbow is sparkling and playing in water splashes.
        Baubash-Ata is a mountainous massif which is rising as a huge giant over the health resort "Arslan-bob", its the highest point- the peak Vebera (4427m) is distinguished on the blue sky background. It is known only the one route 2A DC along the western crest which is evidently less complicated. The author of the text don't have anything information about other built routes, but by visible survey from all sides was found more than 10 routes from 2B to 5A DC that says about district wealth possibilities not only in tourism but in mountaineering. Despite of the southern exposition of slopes turned to the Fergana valley, in the before-peaks lobbies of the town Veber can be found snowflakes even in the end of summer.

        Veber peak can be easily called the third peak of Western Tien Shan after Chatkal peak (4503) and the Manas peak (4482). In the health resort "Arlenbob" there are a great number of rest and tourist institutions: a health resort and a tourist base, boardinghouses, children camps, sanatoriums. It is really a "paradise place". To compare with  foothill of Fergana valley winter with high snow cover is warmer and summer on 10 degrees cooler here.

         Brushwood of relic nuts- fruit forest, by a miracle to us from the deepness of thousands of years, are based on 1200-2000 m. height and occupy the area of 700 On the northern slopes of the ridge you can often meet Tien Shan fir-tree. In alpine zone it strikes the abundance of various flowers, stretching  mountainous slopes by solid cover. There is a mountainous onion almost everywhere.
        On the back side of Baubash-Ata massif, in the valley of the river Chon-Kerey, in the surrounding of Arch forest cozy hidden a small, but wonderful lake Kutman-Kel, from past attracting masses of pilgrims from all region, including even the famous Arelanbob by its crystal clean water. Here was built the bazaar and a line of houses.
          The lake Ledovoye (length 1.5 km), justifying its name as in summer months there was marked the presence of swimming icebergs taking theirs birth on shores of the lake by the split of lakeside snowbergs keeping during almost all summer season, is upper.
          In 2 km. higher the lake Ledovoye, the river Chon-Kerey is breaking away from gorges of Chon-Kereysky canyon. During almost a year was always full of snow holdup lightening the possibility of its inspection.
          From northeastern side of Isfanjailyau staying  near Baubash-Ata ridge, on the height of  1900 m spread out the lake Kara-Su. Here are found osman and marinka fish. Fishing is popular here. It is surrounded by huge rocks with luxuriant vegetation. Till the lake the road is built. The lake length is 7km, width- 3km, deepness on some springs -till 200 m.
    Higher, along the gorge of the river Kara-Su on the height of 2300m there is another lake called Kapka-Tash.
          In the gorge of the river Vostochny Kerey there is the only investigated cave. The region needs more thorough speleological survey which will result to new boons in carst region with lots of caves.
          Baubash-Ata ridge not important glaciering is unique by its presence and add the original coloring to this region. As in other world mountainous regions glaciers of Baubash-Ata ridge retreat and catastrophic diminish in theirs tiny sizes.
           Baubash-Ata ridge has a wide river network. This is a basin of rivers Kara-Unkur, Kaindy, Kara-Su, Seresu.
           Because of almost all absence of the information about Baubash-Ata, and continuos approaches have made a sign on its tourist visitings, especially at the last time. As local shepherds shepherding  flocks of sheep on mountainous slopes say they meet tourist very seldom now, and some of them confirm they have never seen them. So it is not a surprise if on a peak or on a pass you will find a note of 10 years and more remoteness, many passes and peaks with icy composure are waiting its first-passers.
           The most available and often used as by tourists as by local inhabitants passes are: Kerey 3540 m. (1A), Keikol 3140 m.  (0), Gumishbel 3380 m. (1A), Retranslator 3200 m. (1A), Kam Bolshoy 3600 m. (1A).
           Besides, several passes and saddles rarely visited by tourists are: Aliampasy 3220 m. (1B), Olimpiysky 3580 m. (1B),  Kam Maly 3400 m. (2A),  Bely 3860 m. (2A), Kigikerey 3860 m. (2A), Zerkalny 3900 m. (2A), Ohotnikov 3900 m. (2A),  Eastern shoulder of Baubash-Ata 4100 m. (3A).
            Approach ways often go through the town Jalal-Abad and then through the settlement Bazar-Kurgan or the settlement Kara-Kul which belong to Osh region.
            We wish goodluck in visiting and further exploration of this unforgettable and really unique place of Kirgizia.
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