Kyrghyzstan: On the Foothill of the Mountains

Objects and events for sightseeing excursions.

Photos by: Igor Khanin and Igor Fedyaev.

National horse-riding wrestling
Horse race
Tash-Rabat fortress (XII century CE)
Sulaymon mount in the Osh town
On the Issyk Kul lake. The Terskey Ala Too range is seen on the horizon.
Restaurant "Izida" in Karakol has unusual entrance
Near the city of Karakol on the high shore of the lake Issyk Kul, there are the tomb, monument and museum of great Russian discoverer of Central Asia Nikolay Mikhaylovitch Przhevalsky (1839-1888). According to his last will, there was no monument placed on the tomb, only modest gravestone with the script: "Traveller N. M. Przhevalsky" (right foto), but following the popular opinion, Tzar Alexander III ordered to raise the famous monument (left and middle fotos) close to the tomb. Monument consists of 18 granite stones (the number of Przhevalsky expedition's years). The eagle symbolizes the honor and the courage, he is holding the manuscript (symbol of science) in his talons and the palm's branch (symbol of peace) in the beak.
There is museum dedicated to Przhevalsky near his tomb, among the beautiful garden.
Kyrgyzstan. Saimaluu Tash rock art site. Kyrgyzstan. Saimaluu Tash rock art site Kyrgyzstan. Saimaluu Tash rock art site
Saimaluu Tash rock art site near Osh
Tien Shan
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