Oka river rafting (Russia, Siberia, Eastern Sayan)

August, 2000. 4 CC.
Leader: Michael Yakovetz. Fotos: Igor Fedyaev, Georgy Regetsiy, Michael Yakovetz.

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 The lake on the pass is the source of Oka river. The highest mountain of the Sayan - Munku Saidik mount - is seen on the background.
The source of the Oka river.
 Buriat's shrine near the source of Oka river.
Buriat's shrine.
 Campfire. Tomorrow - the beginning of shipbuilding...
 Say "good-bye- to the driver - and begin to work hard...
Say Good bye to civilization!
 The frame of the raft needs some logs (to the Green Peace members - it is now replaced with duralumium pipes, so don't warry! ;-)
The wood felling.
 The assembling of the frame.
Frame assembling.
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