Oka river rafting (Russia, Siberia, Eastern Sayan)

August, 2000. 4 CC.
Leader: Michael Yakovetz. Fotos: Igor Fedyaev, Georgy Regetsiy, Michael Yakovetz.

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 The pontoons are close to be ready...
The assembling of the pontoons.
 The raft is ready!
The raft is ready!
 The ceremony is traditional: the speech of the captain, shampagne and so on...
Traditional ceremony
 Buriat village en route...
Buriat's village
 As the raft fuel, the "Baltika #3" beer is quite good ;-)
En route
 The raft is moored...
 Along of left Oka tributary - Sentsa river - there are a lot of hot mineral springs, which are worth to visit in few days hiking. Sayan Oka. Sentsa river. Hot mineral spring.
 The other possible goals for hiking on Sentsa river are volcanic plateau (with Peretolchina volcano), Peak Topographov (simple to moderate climbing, some glaciers are around!)... Sayan Oka. Sentsa river, upper part.
 ... and some beautiful mountain lakes at the upper part of the river. Sayan Oka. Sentsa river. Mountain lake and volcanic plateau.
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