Oka river rafting (Russia, Siberia, Eastern Sayan)

August, 2000. 4 CC.
Leader: Michael Yakovetz. Fotos: Igor Fedyaev, Georgy Regetsiy, Michael Yakovetz.

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 Mooring near the conjunction with Zhom-Balok river.
Near Zhom-Balok.
 Moscow State University team is finising the rafting of 6 CC...
Catamarans on the Zhom-Balok.
 The mouth of Zhom-Balok. The volcanic plateau on the backround.
Mouth of Zhom-Balok.
 Zhom-Balok near the mouth.
 Zhom-Balok. The erotic tree ;-)
Erotic tree.
 Zhom-Balok. Edelweiss as it is...
 And now it is the naturemort... (courtesy of Georgy Regetsiy) 
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