Oka river rafting (Russia, Siberia, Eastern Sayan)

August, 2000. 4 CC.
Leader: Michael Yakovetz. Fotos: Igor Fedyaev, Georgy Regetsiy, Michael Yakovetz.

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 The camp in Orho-Bom canyon.
The bivvy in Orho-Bom.
 Sayan taiga in Orho-Bom gorge.
Sayan taiga.
 The duet of the paddler and the mountaineer deal with the front paddle in the rapid...
Captain and the author.
 The fishing near the exit from the Orho-Bom canyon.
 The cliffs on the Oka river are amazing...
 Panoramic view of the Orho-Bom canyon near it's end. The best place for camping and fishing.
Orho-Bom canyon.
 Bivvy at this beautiful place...
Bivvy in Orho-Bom (2nd)
 The next day is dedicated for "Integral" rapid... Sayan Oka. Integral rapid.
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