Oka river rafting (Russia, Siberia, Eastern Sayan)

August, 2000. 4 CC.
Leader: Michael Yakovetz. Fotos: Igor Fedyaev, Georgy Regetsiy, Michael Yakovetz.

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This place is known as "rafting museum". The tradition is existing to leave some sort of an memorial table near or on the trees.
Rafting museum
The tributary of Oka.
Tributary of Oka.
 At the relatively quiet place after the rapid the paddlers can get a bit rest...
Captain and author.
 The fisher's "izbushka" [hut].
Fishers' hut
 Mooring near the "izba of Grandpa"
Mooring near "Grandpa' izba"
Sayan Oka. Mooring near
 "Izba of Grandpa"
Izba of Grandpa
 "Grandpa" himself (right)
Inside the izba.
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