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Sightseeing and multiactivity tours
Altai: The Golden Mountains Resort Tour.
Exploring The Golden Mountains of Altai. Outdoor multiactivity.
Pamir Resort: Visit to Lenin Peak BC. Family Vacations with adventure activities.
Winter tours
Lake Baikal in winter (hiking, sightseeing, dog sledding, skiing, skating)
White water rafting
Rafting in Altai
Unknown Land of Tofalaria
Sayan Oka river rafting.
Irkut river rafting, Eastern Sayan, Siberia.
Trekking, pass hopping, horse riding & backcountry skiing
"Belukha: The Heart of the Altai". Trekking.
"Belukha: The Heart of the Altai". Horse riding.
"Alta Golden Mountains: Off beaten track". Trekkings.
"Altai-The Golden Mountains. Aktru". Trekking. Climbing. Freeride skiing.
"Wild Altai". Altai. Trekking or horse riding.
"Baikal: The Pearl among the Mountains". Siberia. Trekking.
"Buddha in the Valley of Hundred Springs". Siberia. Sayan. Trekking or backcountry skiing.
"Kuznetskiy Alatau: The Land of the Lakes and Flowers". Siberia. Teahouse trekking, trekking or backcountry skiing.
"Kodar: The Siberian Alps". Siberia. Trekking.
"Almaty to Lake Issyk-Kul". North Tien Shan, trekking.
"To the Alakel lake". Terskey Ala Too, Central Tien Shan, trekking.
"All the Hot Springs". Terskey Ala Too, Central Tien Shan, trekking.
"To the Icy Giants of Central Tien Shan." Trekking.
"Fan Mountains: The Land of Blue Lakes". Pamir Alai. Trekking.
Skitouring in Pamir
Under The Blue Sky of Kyrgyzstan. Horse riding.
Pamir Adventures. Trekking.
"Emerald Lake of Sary Chelek". Tien Shan. Trekking.
Mountaineering & climbing
"Belukha: The Heart of the Altai". Trekking with climbing.
"Altai-The Golden Mountains. Aktru". Climbing.
"Khan Tengri - The Lord of the Sky". Central Tien Shan, climbing.
In the shadow of Khan Tengri and Pobeda: 5000+ and 6000+ peaks climbing. Central Tien Shan.
Pobeda peak climbing. Central Tien Shan.
Marble Wall climbing. Central Tien Shan.
Two Summits: Marble Wall and Khan Tengri North climbing. Central Tien Shan.
Lenin peak climbing. Pamir.
Pamir Triangle: entry level climbing expedition.
Lenin + Khan Tengri peaks climbing. Pamir and Tien Shan.
Communism peak climbing. Pamir.
Korjenevskoy peak climbing. Pamir.
Two great summits: Communism and Korjenevskoy Peaks climbing. Pamir.
Muztag Ata and Koskulak peaks climbing (Pamir, China)
Lenin and Muztag Ata Peaks climbing. Pamir.
"Fan Mountains: The Land of Blue Lakes". Pamir Alai. Climbing.
"Big Walls of Pamir Alai". Pamir Alai, big wall climbing.
Heli ski & heli board
Heli skiing in Western Tien Shan, Uzbekistan
Heli skiing in Northern Tien Shan, Kyrgyzstan
Lake Baikal fishing
Altai rivers fishing
Fishing in Kuznetski Alatau
Putorana Plateau: The Lost World Fishing Paradise.
Taimen fishing in the Unknown land of Tofalaria.
Kamchatka salmon fishing and bear hunting.
Hunting in Altai
Special events
Climbing courses in Chimgan
K2 Extreme: areas descriptions, fotoreports, useful info
Mountaineering, climbing and pass hopping
Trekking and backpacking
White water rafting
Pamir Alai
Tien Shan

About K2 Adventures

     K2 Adventures since year 1999 had began to act as a society of peoples with long-term experience in mountain outdoors such as mountaineering, climbing, pass-hopping, rafting, ski touring in mountain areas of former USSR: Tien Shan, Altai, Sayan, Kodar, Pamir, Pamir Alai, Caucasus and abroad - Alps, Himalaya, Karakoram and so on.

     Now we offer our clients a variety of adventure tours, primarely in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrghyzstan, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan. Based on the unique experience of our trip leaders and guides, our tours covers the range from simple trekking and rafting in which virtually everybody, including kids, could participate (see Sayan River Rafting for example), to extremely difficult technical climbing (for example, Pobeda peak climbing).

     We provide both on regular and on-demand base rafting tours in Sayan and Altai, trekking tours in Altai, Sayan, Tien Shan, climbing and mountaineering tours in Altai, Tien Shan, Pamir and Pamir Alai. For details, see "Tours-2020" chapter or select tour from left menu.

Contact us:

Our head office's address: Russia 644050 Omsk Prospect Mira 9b, floor 4: office 08; K2 Adventures

Phone/fax: +7-3812-269647


WhatsApp/Telegtam: +7-913-963-9667

Igor Fedyaev
Igor Fedyaev. Tour and expedition organizer. Expedition leader, trekking guide.
Sergey Kolotilo
Sergey Kolotilo. Candidate of Master on Climbing. Trekking and climbing guide.
Georgy Regetsiy
Georgy Regetsiy - "Snow Leopard", Master of Sport. Mountaineering and trekking guide.
Alexander Ruchkin
Alexandr Ruchkin. Master of Sport of International Class. Champion of Russia on climbing. Climbing guide (Big Wall climbing).
Michael Yakovetz
Michael Yakovetz. Master of Sport. Champion of USSR on rafting. Rafting leader.
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