Booking the tour

Booking procedures step-by-step

1) Please read the tour description and booking conditions carefuly, choose the time period, possible options and other personal details. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via
2) Fill in the booking form below either electronicaly (most acceptable way) or:

  • open the printable version,
  • print it out,
  • fill in and send us by fax +7-3812-693075 or +7-3812-269647 or via mail: Russia 644029 Omsk, Neftezavodskaya st.-14, office 5, K2 Adventures

Note: Only 2 persons with the same tour details can proceed the form at once. For more persons or if the details aren't meet, please apply separate form. Each kind of tour should be booked separately as well.

3) Then, we'll send you in a week by e-mail confirmation of your tour if it is available, the amount of advance payment, subtotal amount and payment details. The amount of advance payment should consist of: deposit (see tour details), additional service fees (visa support, etc. if applicable).

4) The final payment as a rule should be effected within 30 days prior to the trip departure.

Principal Applicant

(Note: the fields marked with * are mandatory)

Personal details
Title Name Surname (as in passport)*:  e.g. Mister John Smith
Telephone on trip:  if available (for emergency purposes)
Fax:  if available. Note: if you need visa invitation letter, in some cases fax is mandatory!
Passport details
Date of Birth*: Formate: MM.DD.YYYY
Passport Number*: Formate: MM.DD.YYYY
Passport Issue Date* Formate: MM.DD.YYYY
Passport Expiry Date*:  
Tour details
Choose the tour from the list...  Select the tour you chose...
...or fill it in if not in list (special tour, etc.) ...or fill in the name of special tour if not listed above (e.g., "Karakol peak climbing")
Time frame of the trip from:  Fill in if applicable (if the tour is multiple dates). Formate: MM.DD.YY, e.g.: "from 08.07.02 to 08.19.02"
I'm vegetarian  Select if you need vegetarian diet (no extra fee).
I want single supplement  Select if you want to be alone in a room or tent (for extra fee).
I need visa support (LOI- the Letter of Invitation)... Select if you need the LOI for your tour (please, check if you really need- it depends on your citizenship and the country you're going to visit or us for it!)
...for the country (countries): List the countries you need the visa support for
In the text box below write down any other details concerning your reservation or further information required. Please mention special requirements not listed above: guide and porter service, special diet, medical details, tour's options like variants if listed, additional excursions, trekking in rafting tour, etc.

Second Applicant

(Note: If there is a second applicant fill in details below for him or her below otherwise check your form and then send it by pushing the button at the bottom of the page. Then, follow the messages which should appear).

Title Name Surname:  e.g. Miss Ann Smith
Date of Birth:  
Passport Number:  
Passport Issue Date  
Passport Expiry Date  
...if you want to re-fill it or...>