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Chimgan May Alpiniade
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Chimgan-2020 May Alpiniade (Climbing Courses). 12 days.

Region: Central Asia, Uzbekistan, Western Tien Shan
Activity: climbing courses and training
Trip Category: special, annual
Difficulty: easy to medium, need of special gear (kids from 14 years old are allowed).
Dates: Tours to join: April, 30 - May, 11 from/to Tashkent.

    May Alpiniade in Chimgan is the annual and always great event for climbers not only from Uzbekistan but also from the former USSR republics and now, all over the world, when there is an opportunity to go along the favourite and not yet tried routes, to raise your grade, to look at the beginners and so on. Good rest, merry people, camp fires and songs to the accompaniment of the guitar get on with the professional ascents to Big Chimgan (3309 m) and Ohotnichiy Peak (3099 m). If you're newbe in climbing or want to enhance your shape prior to serious expedition and take some acclimatization- it is right place to do so! This is the only climbing courses available in Central Asia! After you finish the courses, you shall be awarded with official Climber's Sertificate issued by Uzbekistan Mountaineering Association.

Day 1 Arrival in Tashkent – the capital of Uzbekistan, very hospitable city which pleases you with sunny already quite summer weather from the first minutes. Meeting at the airport, transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Optional cititour.
Day 2 At 9:00 am transfer to Chimgan (90 km, ~2 hrs). Accommodation in the tents of Climbing camp in Aksay gorge near the North-West ridge of Mt. Chimgan. At the same day we call your attention to some lections (“Safety in the mountains”, “First aid”) which enlarge your knowledge about how to spend time in the mountains without harming yourself. The lections will be given by experienced climbers, the members of search-and-rescue team.
Day 3 Snow training. This is the first day of training for the participants of the Alpiniade. You must take into account that if you don’t take part into these training you will not be allowed to make an ascent! Experienced instructors of the best climbers will teach you the technique of ascending and descending on the snow slopes, climbing in bunches, belaying technique, stopping at the snow slopes and just how not to lose your head when there is no usual level asphalt coat underfoot.
Day 4 Rock training. Instruction of the beginners will continue on the rocks of various category of complexity. All participants set out on Kozlinoe gorge near by early in the morning. The Uzbekistan championship for ice climbing is carried out here in winter. Many rock routes are available for anyone who are not afraid to try his strength and experience. But don’t run risks for no reason: the route could be much more complicated than it seemed to be at first sight. For a start you will be shown how to raise and descent at the rocks using different ascenders and descenders. Our guides and instructors will keep an eye at the process with much care.
Day 5 This is the day you waited for such a long time – the day of your first practice ascent. The instructors put the aim – the ascent to Small Chimgan. You will need endurance and patience. The first summit and unforgettable view at Charvak reservoir and Ugam and Pskem ranges which surround it will become your award. The view is really wonderful, believe us!
But that is not all. You are in for the descent to Gulkam ravine. Picturesque landscapes will make your climbing fascinating and not very exhausting. You will learn how to go down on the grass slopes and make crossings trough the mountain rivers.
Day 6 So you are quite ready! You have made the practice ascent and got some skills. It seems that nothing does give a damn. So let’s check it!
You are in charge for the ascent to Big Chimgan along the 1B UIAA "The North-West ridge” route. This route is not complicated but it is quite long. You will be on the point of turning back because of weariness for several times. But remember: there is no way back! And that is impossible to overpower your excitement! At last the way will lead to the cherished aim. It seems that all the world is underfoot when you stay here at the top, at the height of 3309 m. But don’t relax: the way down also demands forces and caution. But impression from what you have seen and done will move all complications aside to the background.
Just after descending you will be consecrate into The Climbers – this is the tradition which is recurred annually.
Day 7 The ascent to Big Chimgan is made. But it doesn’t mean that you know and can everything. The second series of rock trainings will prove this. Some new lessons from our instructors and you will ascend and descend on the rocks using climbing irons and hung stations confidently. By the way you will learn how to drive in climbing devices and hang up stations on one's own.
Day 8 One more ascent will be added to your attainment. Big Chimgan and another 1B “Central ravine” route . This route is quite different from the previous one: it is not so long but you will have to go on the snow all the time. That could cause some complications. And could not cause!
Triumph when reaching the top which is already familiar to you and that’s time to go down. There is a surprise for you here: instead of unmounted descent you are in for half-hourly sliding down along the Central ravine. You will ask “how”. Climb the top first…
Day 9 The day of rest. Finally you can have a rest properly after exhausting ascents. You can go to Charvak reservoir. You can swim and sunbathe here. Have a rest from your rucksack and snow. Not to think about anything. By another words to spend time light-heartedly.
Day 10 You can make something special in this great day. Your first ascent along the route of 2A grade of complexity, for example. Some more rocks, more danger, more requirement consequently. And there will be a feast in the evening and not very good morning…
Day 11 Transfer to Tashkent. Hotel accommodation DBL. Optional cititour.
Day 12 Departure from Tashkent.

Cost: us for an offer. No group size limit!

Included: visa support, visa registration, meeting / seeing-off at the airport, OVIR (immigration police) registration, 1 night hotel accommodation (***DBL BB) in Tashkent, transfer Tashkent - Chimgan and Chimgan – Tashkent, accommodation in double tents (the tents are equipped with electrical lighting, wooden flooring and kurpachas – national mattresses), dining/rest tent, meals - full board (3-times hot manifold meal cooked by professional cooks, it’s possible to have vegetarian meal or order meal), food for climbing, group climbing gear rental, 1st medical aid, electricity 220 VAC 50 Hz, guide/coach and instructor service, official climber's sertificate.

Not included: Travel to and from Tashkent, visa fees, personal items, insurance.

Options. excursions in Tashkent, guesthouse to ***** accommodation in Tashkent, SGL accommodation, personal gear rental.

Other programmes are possible as well the same dates:

  • Chimgan Mountains trekking. Easy grade mid-season trekking.
  • Free agenda Chimgan Mountains trip (we provide transportation, accommodation FB, paperwork, you spent the time according your wishes - hike, climb, just sightseeing etc)
  • 2B to 4A UIAA climbing on Bolshoi Chimgan Peak (3309 m) and Peak Ohotnichiy (Hunters' Peak) 3099 m.

Cost and itinerary: us for an offer.

Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Learn to work with the rope.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Guides and the guidebook.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Snow training.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Rock training.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
The summit of Small Chimgan.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
The summit of Big Chimgan.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Rock training.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
On the approach.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Rock+snow climbing.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Chimgan water reserve.
Climbing courses and training. Uzbekistan.
Inside dining tent.



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