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Wild Altai. Trekking or Horse Riding. 8 days.

Region: Russia, Southern Siberia, Altai
Activity: trekking or horse riding
Trip Category: special, V.I.P, weekend-to-weekend.
Difficulty: medium, no need of special skill or gear (kids from 16 years old are allowed).
Dates: June - September

Altai - "The Golden Mountains" is the mountain land on the south of Siberia which keeps ecological purity and untouched wild nature so far. The communication with local people, many of whom are followers of exotic doctrines- pagans (Shamanists), followers of Roerikh and Old Believers - gives an unique social experience.

In 1998 The Golden Mountains of Altai were included to UNESCO World Heritage list.

The basic idea of this trip is trekking in absolutely wild, unpopulated and rarely-visited by trekkers area. We choose region in Katunsky range, near Mt. Belukha - the highest summit of entire Altai, 4506 m (in fact, we go around Belukha massif from north-east of Akkem Lake to Argut river gorge). For eleminating waste of time (2nd idea is "weekend-to-weekend" trip including all flights), transportation to Akkem lake and from Argut gorge (the final destination) is made by helicopter (from/to Gorno-Altaisk) and we provide support of pack horses, cook and horsedriver. You can meet no one people while trekking! New-discovered antient cemetary (probably Turk or Scythian, 3,000-1,000 BCE to 1000 CE) is visited en route. In addition, we made side excursions to Roerikh followers shrine with sacred stone in misterious Yarlu valley and to the spectacular Valley of 7 Lakes near Akkem Lake. As an option, the travellers can make side trip to the Akkem glacier to get close view of immense Belukha's Akkem Wall.

Day 1 Arrival to Barnaul. Transfer to Gorno-Altaisk helipad (about 4 hrs). Helicopter flight to Akkem lake. Excursion to the Valley of 7 Lakes. Tent accommodation. Russian bania.
Day 2 Excursion to sacred Yarlu valley and Roerikh shrine with energetical sacred stone. Ail (national Altai dwelling) en route. Crossing the Yarlu-Boch (2800 m, n/c) and Sulu-Boch (2940 m, n/c) passes (simple grassy slopes). Descent to the Suluairy gorge. Camp on the bank of Suluairy river.
Day 3 Climb up the right-bank slope of Suluairy river. Hike to the 1st saddle of unnamed pass. Climb the 1st saddle (approx. 3,000 m high). Descent to the plateau, gentle ascent to 2nd saddle. Descent to Bartuldak gorge (some swampy parts on the way!). Camp on the left bank of Bartuldak river.
Day 4 Crossing the small forested ridge on the left side of Bartuldak gorge to round the canyon. Beautiful untouched mountain taiga. Descent to Argut river gorge. Camp on the bank of Argut river.
Day 5 Day of rest. Excursion to the new-discovered ancient cemetery (probably Turkish or Sciphian, 1000-2500 years old).
Day 6 Hike up the Argut gorge. Steep ascent to the hill on the left bank, then descent to the wide meadows of Argut gorge. Picturesque Yedigem river on the way- left tributary of Argut. Picnic. Helicopter flight to Gorno-Altaisk. Transfer to Barnaul. Hotel accommodation.
Day 7 Transfer to airport. Departure from Barnaul.

Note. The itinerary of above is draft and would be changed according to participant's wishes, weather, etc. The helicopter's departure site would be changed as well according of place exactly reached. As trekking (variant 1 below) it needs from trekkers to be in good physical shape, otherwise we recommend either to add 1-2 more days or turn to horse riding (variant 2). If you haven't horse riding experience, we recommend to spend 1 more day on Akkem lake for training.

Cost (variant 1, trekking): please for an offer!

Included: Visa support, meeting and seeing off in Barnaul, 1 night hotel accomodation (DBL BB ***) in Barnaul, transfer to Gorno-Altaisk (start point) and return, helicopter flights (powerfull dual-engine Mi-8MTV), all permits, hot meals during trekking (3 times a day), camping gear, pack horses for carring luggage, guide and guide-interpreteur, cook, horseman, travelller's insurance which covers rescue tean support and helicopter evacuation.

Cost (variant 2, horse riding): please for an offer!

Included: Visa support, meeting and seeing off in Barnaul, 1 night hotel accomodation (DBL BB ***) in Barnaul, transfer to Gorno-Altaisk (start point) and return, helicopter flights (powerfull dual-engine Mi-8MTV), all permits, meals during trekking (3 time a day), camping gear, pack horses for carring luggage and horses for participants, guide and guide-interpreteur, cook, horseman, travelller's insurance which covers rescue tean support and helicopter evacuation.

Not included (both variants): travel to and from Barnaul, visa fees, personal items.
Options. The arrival and departure points can be changed with Novosibirsk, Biysk or Gorno-Altaisk. Flights reservation. You can order helicopter flight directly to/from your point of arrival (Novosibirsk, Barnaul or Gorno-Altaisk). Extra days for trekking or horse riding. Training of horse riding (1 more day on Akkem lake). SGL hotel accommodation. Visit to the night club in Barnaul or Novosibirsk. Additional exursions: Ust-Kan cave with paleolithic sit (600,000 BCE), Pazirik burial mounds (Scythian culture, VII-II c. BCE).

Any possible tailor-made trips are available! Just us of fill in the request form!

Altai. Helicopter on Akkem Lake. Belukha. Akkem wall.
Landing on Akkem Lake. Akkem Wall of Belukha on the background.
Altai. Belukha. Akkem Wall.
Belukha and Akkem Wall as seen from Akkem glacier.
Altai. Belukha. Yarlu valley.
Yarlu valley.
Altai. Belukha. Yarlu valley. Ail.
Ail in Yarlu valley.
Upper part of Akkem river.
Altai. Belukha. Valley of 7 lakes.
In the Valley of 7 Lakes.
Altai. Belukha. Yarlu valley. Holy stone in Roerikh shrine.
Charging with space energy from holy stone. Yarlu. Roerikh shrine.
Altai. Sulu-Boch pass from Yarlu-Boch. Tekelu valley.
Sulu-Boch pass and Tekelu valley as seen from Yarlu-Boch pass.
Altai. Bartuldak valley. Camp.
Camping in Bartuldak valley.
Altai. Mountain taiga.
Mountain taiga.
Altai. Bartuldak river.
Bartuldak stream.
Altai. Argut river.
Argut river.
Altai. Kamenny baba- balbal.
Ancient cemetery. Kamenny Baba (stone figure) on the warrior's tomb.
Altai. Ancient cemetery. Family tomb.
Ancient cemetery. Family tomb.
Altai. Argut. Camp fire.
Campfire on Argut river.
Altai. Argut to Kulagash. Caravan of horses.
On the way in Argut gorge.
Altai. Argut river. Picnic.
Argut gorge. Picnic in Altai hunter's style.
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